Sunday, April 4

genius,smart or hardworking

dah lama x update blog!!!
rindu nk berblogging~~
rindu nk share sumthing with korunk....
tapi x ader ideas...
comes with some boring words....
with some headache on the head..
plus diiringi lagu amy mastura masa tulis benda ni...

WHAT do u thinks pals???

pandai,cepat pick up,quick learner,no need to study,nerdy but maybe,
itu yang saya fikir...mayb more..tak  terlintas je~~
however,blh dikatakan orang genius ni...
pakar in his or own things!!
contohnya,kalau dia cekap bab matematik...
all numbers,equations maybe some complex..add maths..
all theirs' but bab tu la..yang kita jugak!!!
that just an opinion.....

smart-can be many meaning?
pandai/looking good or mayb both of them~~
but usually kind of hot stuff...
pandai bawa diri...
galz type..or mayb nerdy if galz..
why say so??
it just me n my word interpretation....

like the wordie~~
hard is not just enough..
it must comes with a package..
or not it just a wasting???
dont understand??
no need actually??
no exam is comin'...
x de la.....i will xplain!!
with package the result will b more effective..
nt just an equation..
it really works...

all of have them(g,s.h)
just choose~~
maybe we just dont know yet....
we r just to young to know it??
what our mission in life actually....

a good muslim/mah
a good daughter/son
a good student
a good community
a good teachers
a good planner
a good listener
a good friend
a good mother/father

all comes from us...
u let ur spirit die..u just let urself down..
dont mind being failed
u will success in no time
have faith in Allah
he will help u..NO OTHERS~~

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