Thursday, February 4

Why I Like It Longer

you just need to touch it...
you will fall intoo it...
after you watched on it..
i bet you will fall in love after that...

It beautiful design and different from others just make people glance twice,
and of course when they are walking or talking passing you,
it is not as before again,
they will stop and watched you,
why are you just too focused with your handphone
wide screen,full of emotion and good looking,
so stylish and thin,
and of course they want to know,what brand it is?
LG,as name can be seen on the right side of the phone..

with it's multi touch function,
friendly user,easy accessibility and 5 megapixel camera,
just make you lovely my lover,
me,just cannot live without you,
cinema in my pocket,
movie in my hand,
longer than before,
make my movie time meaningful with you,
that why i like you longer..

not better without latest technology,
you make my life worthiest,
with knowledge with just a click,
i can browse internet,
i can explore the world,
make me one better than others,
make you better than anythings.

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